The potential TEF metric – sustained employment from LEO

Back in 2016 the government released its first experimental LEO data (or Longitudinal Educational Outcomes to give it its full given name) and it has now matured to be considered under the TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework to give it its birth name) with TEF 2 including an element of it as a supplementary metric.

Unlike the salary data (which Adam did a superb job vizzing here) this metric is not going to grab the attention quite as easily. The metric is sustained employment 3 years after graduation.  The data is sourced form HM Tax returns and does have challenges (lack of self employment, maternity leave etc etc) but it does provide some interesting patterns by subject.

The first viz is a simple view showing where the HEI (Higher Education Institutions to give it its name that its Mother would use when telling it off) sit by its metric outcome grouped by subject.

The interactive viz is here

LEO 3 Year

As you can see the GB average is around 75% for most subjects with just Languages and Combined subjects falling below that. Economics, Education, Mathematical Sciences, Medicine and Dentistry and Nursing all have a GB average above the 75% seen in the other subjects.

At the moment this is just a supplementary metric which will only be used for context when selecting the TEF outcome (another excellent blog explaining TEF here) but it shows the direction of travel and HEIs need to get a handle on where they sit in this metric.

To aid that understanding Adam has created a magnificent more exploratory viz which allows the data to be split by sex, years after graduation (1, 3, 5) as well as region. It can then be viewed by subject with the ability to highlight your institution.

Take it for a spin here

LEO - Proportion of students in Sustained employment further study or both after graduating

Well I hope you enjoyed reading and found it informative – any questions, queries or feedback let us know.




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