A Looksie at UCAS placed Applicants 2018

So this month we decided to take looksie at UCAS again. This time focusing on the recently released ‘Placed Applicant’ data as at 31/08/2018, which is part of the daily clearing analysis 2018 statistical releases.

There has been a lot of talk around the demographic dip which will give Universities fewer 18 year olds, so we wanted to see where it has had an impact.  We also wanted to see to what extent International students felt welcome and the impact on areas, such as nursing, which had a change in funding arrangements.

International Interest

A looksie @ UCAS placed Applicants.png

A looksie at UCAS placed Applicants

Interactive viz

In the last year there has been a slight positive shift to both International student groups (Non EU and EU, excluding UK).  Both areas have increased in numbers as well which is a positive sign that International students still regard England as a place to come and study.  This has also offset some of the decline in the number of Home placed applicants.

Subject split

We started out by looking at how things have changed over three separate time periods (1 year, 5 years and the full 9 years in the data set).  What this showed was that despite the decline in the last year over the time period of the data set there has been an increase in nearly all the subjects with only one big subject seeing a decline.

UCAS subjects 2009 to 2018 (1)

Interactive viz

We then started looking at grouping up the subjects which showed that the majority of the placed applicants reside in the science and social science groups and these are also where the biggest increases over the time period are observed.  There has been a downward shift from Arts & Humanities over the last 9 years.

UCAS placed applicants by subject2.png

Placed Applicants by subject group

Interactive Viz


Nursing has changed shape in the HE setting quite a lot over the time of the data set.  There has been a shift to it being only accessible via a funded degree then they have moved to remove the funding.  It has always been a challenge for HE providers as there needs to be placement in place but ultimately it does lead to employment in most cases.  Looking at the data there looks to be a shift with 18 year olds over taking 20-24 year olds for the first time.  They still lag behind the 25-and-over, though, who make up the vast majority of the placed applicants for nursing.

B7 nursing placed applicants2

Placed Applicants – B7 Nursing only

Interactive Viz

So hopefully that was an interesting window into the latest UCAS placed applicants data.  Do let us know what you think.

Adam and Dave


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