VizHE 2020 – starting with Finances

Hey up – it has been a while since the Visualising HE crew have got together.  Since the last post Elena has moved to Sweden so we have roped in Sasha from the Information Lab to bring much needed energy and skills to the project.

As with the post last year we have picked up the Finance data to see what interesting insights we could identify.  The talented bunch at WonkHE have been pulling the Finance HESA data apart in recent weeks in particular looking at the potential impact the current situation may have on the sector and indeed individual institutions – if you have not read their stuff then you really should.

We each took different routes through the data which brought the opportunity to try out new chart types.

Adam and Sasha both looked at the income streams for Universities to see how diverse they are.  Adam wanted to be able to the see the whole sector whilst also being able to see the individual Universities within the sector.  His Viz also allows the user to change the sort order if there is one income stream you are more interested in.

Adam’s Viz

HE Income by category

Link to interactive viz

Sasha wanted to focus on the individual University so you can see how diverse the income is and which of the income streams dominates by University.  The visualisation also has the ability to see the information for previous years as well.

Sasha’s Viz

How diverse is the income portfolio of HE providers_

Link to interactive viz

Dave decided to focus on the picture of the sector as a whole and using basic quadrant analysis spit out the Universities into what degree their income is made up of tuition fee income and out of that tuition fee income how much is from non UK or EU students.  The visualisation paints quite a stark picture given the current position.

Dave’s Viz

VizHE April 2020 HEI Tuition fees

Link to interactive viz

Well that is the first post for Visualising HE for 2020 – let us know what you think